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Google Shadow Review Update

Hey guys (and from the traffic stats it looks like we’ve picked up quite a few guys too – so welcome!),

I just thought I’d do a quick update about my progress with the DJK google shadow review…

In short: the products looking awesome. It’s all based upon how this guy Tim or ‘the shadow’ as hes dubbed basically makes $100k every month. As a fairly experienced adwords marketer I was to be honest a bit sceptical at first. Not that Day Job Killer’s products haven’t been great in the past (Google Assassin being one of my favourite products of all time).

But I mean common… I thought direct linking was dead. I thought the days of easy money via PPC were gone, I mean, I use landing pages in ALL of my campaigns…

Well, I guess I thought wrong because this ‘Shadow’ seems to have outsmarted everyone, even Google themselves dare I say! He’s found what’s best described as a ‘loophole’ in the system. And it looks like this is legit.

Set up my first campaign today and am looking forward to checking the stats tommorow…

The full review of DJK Google Shadow will be up soon – I promise! And it’s going to be the most complete review on the net so make sure you keep checking back. Don’t forget the bonuses I’m offering either… Man, you’re gonna love em’!


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