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Hey thanks for checking out the site, for those who are interested in who I am I just thought I’d share my personal internet marketing story quickly…

My name’s George Montagu Brown and I’ve been involved with internet marketing for around 12 months now. I still remember the first E-book I bought on a whym and prayer desperate to find a get rich quick scheme that worked (The rich jerk guide). At the time I didn’t have a clue what affiliate marketing even was but within a week I had my first website up.

It sucked, and to this date has honestly made NO money whatsoever. I discovered that affiliate marketing wasn’t as easy as the book had made out.

Me in my pride and joy - My Porsche Boxter S

Me in my pride and joy - My Porsche Boxter S

That was the spark of a 2 year long love affair which brings us to today. I’m not one to brag big numbers e.t.c. and I’m not claiming to be a millionnaire but let’s just say I do lead a comfortable life thanks to the internet.

So why did I make a site about DJK’s Google Shadow?

I was a paid member of the Google Assassin program and although I was already earning a full time income I found that it helped me immensely. The software alone would be worth $1,000 – I use it EVERYDAY.

Or I did… Until Google Shadow. Which no doubt you’ve heard alot about by now, and I’ve gotta tell you, from the test copy Chris sent me – It’s fantastic. I can only begin to imagine how much a less experienced PPC affiliate will benefit. It really is a must have…

Which brings us to this site: This is the first ‘product focused info site’ I’ve ever made. The product being DJK Google Shadow.

Why? Partly to explore a different way of making money online. Hopefully if you’ve found my reviews useful you’ll be kind enough to buy through my links,  I’d really appreciate it. (Side note – If you ever need any extra help you can mail me at George @ djkgoogleshadow.org. I’ve always got time for guys who are new to PPC, even if you didn’t buy through my links for whatever reason)

But it’s not just the money I may or may not make. Because Google Shadow is a product I truly believe in.  If you look past the flashy sales page, what you have here is a comprehensive package that completely overdelivers, an almost sure way for any affiliate to make money and some of the most powerful software I’ve ever come across.

To your success,


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