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What is DJK Google Shadow?

February 5th, 2009 No comments

Chances are if you’re on this page then you already know, but I thought I may as well clear up EXACTLY what Google Shadow is for those who are still unsure.

Google shadow lets you ‘watch over the shoulder’ of a super affiliate who’s raking in $100k+ a month. The product shows you exactly how he does it step by step with guides and also provides you with software that automates 90% of the process for you.

What Affiliate marketing method does Google Shadow teach?

It teaches you how to make obscene amounts of cash through pay per click (specifically using google adwords) to direct link to the clickbank offer pages. That means you don’t need a website (No, not EVEN a landing page). Honestly, this is pretty much the holy grail of internet marketing.

Here’s an outline of the exact system Google Shadow will teach you (Obviously in a heck of alot more detail!):

Step #1: Get the keywords (There’s software to do it for you),

Step #2: Write your ads (software to help you once again…)

Step #3: Enter your clickbank affiliate hoplink. No need for a landing page, squeeze page, redirect page or ANYTHING.

Step #4: Launch your campaign and watch the money roll in.

Seriously. It just doesn’t get any easier than this, any newbie struggling to making it online will find a ‘sure win’ here.

Stay tuned and in a couple of days I’ll have videos of the software for you as well news on my ‘Kick ass’ bonuses for buying through me :)